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Meet Our Founder/CEO

Photo of Dr. Teshia Koffi

Dr. Teshia Koffi
Scholar | Practitioner | Researcher

A mission driven, strategic, and outcomes oriented leader, Dr. Koffi is committed to the transformation of organizations and the authentic value of people. With over a decade of experience in organization development, Dr. Koffi has ensured organizational values remain functional, structural, proactive, and palpable.


"Our services are grounded in both the social and organizational sciences, specializing in the improvement and/or transformation of structures, processes, policies, behavior, and culture. We are inquiry-based, research-informed, systems-oriented, outcome-driven, and humanistic which allows us to apply critical frameworks and approaches to shift humanity from the periphery to the core of organizational life."

Dr. Koffi holds an earned Doctorate in higher education administration and policy from the University of Utah and currently serves the University of Colorado-Boulder as its Senior Consultant for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. Dr. Koffi's academic research focuses on the ways in which socio-political ideologies/issues influence decision-making processes among administrative leaders, and further examines why these ideologies are perceived to be essential for organizational function and effectiveness.

Dr. Koffi is revered for expertise in leadership, organizational change, and driving social outcomes.

Click HERE to read Koffi's latest article published in the Journal of Race Ethnicity and Education, the leading peer-reviewed journal on race and race inequality in education!

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