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Operationalizing DEI through organization development.

Culture Audits

We offer a variety of culture audit services such as:


  • Survey Design Only

  • Interviews/Focus Groups (includes report)

  • Data Analysis Only (Quantitative and Qualitative)

  • Survey Design/Administer/Report (with focus groups) [Waitlist]

  • Survey Design/Administer/Report (with focus groups) + OD [Waitlist]


Our consulting services include, but are not limited to, strategic planning, action planning, accountability systems, One/Two/Three Year Plans, program development, and actualization of a DEI vision and/or commitment. Services are offered as:

  • Single Consultations 

  • Level I Projects (-3 weeks)

  • Level II Projects (1-5 months)

  • Level III Projects (6-12 months) [1 year contracts available for 2026]

Organization Development

We provide services at the organizational, divisional, departmental, and individual levels using two (2) approaches to organization development and DEI:

Structural - improving organizational structures and processes.

  • Ex: ​recruitment, hiring, leadership, management, reporting structures, communication, feedback systems, problem management, organizational assessment, program assessment, curriculum development, policy review, gap analysis, etc.


Behavioral - improving morale, motivation, and commitment through better use of human capital and resources.

  • Ex: voice, retention, organizational behavior, conflict resolution, workplace norms and expectations, psychological safety, value, inclusion/belonging, engagement, and satisfaction.

Anti-Racism Workshops

Our comprehensive three (3) hour workshop critically analyzes how racial ideology informs our personal lives and professional workspaces. It also provides actionable solutions for becoming a more anti-racist organization. Workshops are serviced as:

  • One (1) Day 

  • Two (2) Day 

  • Three (3) Day [Waitlist]

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