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Strengthening Organizations. 

Valuing People.

We guide organizations toward the fulfillment of their mission and goals by bridging the gap between DEI knowledge and the pragmatic application of equitable and inclusive structures, policies, practices, and workspaces.

Capacity Consulting and Development (CCD) is an organization development, leadership strategy, and diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) consulting company that believes structural, social, and cultural transformation drives both the success and longevity of an organization. We are an innovative, research-based, outcome driven, and people-focused brand that specializes in the improvement of organizational systems (i.e. leadership, structure, processes, and culture) by providing assessment, strategy, intervention, and guidance that aids in the successful implementation of change.

Stop talking about your DEI commitment...



CCD continues to serve a vast array of clients across the nation such as colleges/universities, healthcare, corporate, government, and nonprofit.

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Action. Accountability. Results.


Culture audits assess the values, attitudes, norms, and behavioral patterns of employees and can assist in determining whether workplace culture is conducive to the overall success of DEI goals.


Individual or group appointments that provide professional advice, guidance, strategy, and actionable solutions to DEI challenges that require an external expert.

Organization Development

A research-intensive process

that involves planned development, improvement, and reinforcement of structures in order to improve organizational readiness, change, and effectiveness around DEI.

Anti-Racism Workshops

 Designed to educate and enlighten participants on the pervasiveness of systemic racism. It also provides guidance on tangible actions for moving towards a more anti-racist organization.

Our Vision

To ensure organizations successfully implement both tangible and institutional level changes that result in increased organizational effectiveness and an authentic commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion.


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